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Crash Course in Retail Revamp for a Cambodian Convenience store

From Cambodian Chaos to Convenience: A Retail Transformation Fueled by Data and Teamwork

a store display of a variety of drinks and snacks
a store display of a variety of drinks and snacks


A small convenience store in Cambodia faced multiple challenges: disorganized assets, unclear customer focus, inefficient inventory management, and disengaged staff. This case study delves into the strategic analysis and operational improvements implemented to revitalize the business, trained by me, leveraging data analytics and retail expertise.

Imagine navigating a foreign retail landscape, armed with expertise but facing a language barrier and a store mired in chaos. As a consultant-coach for operational transformation, I was tasked with training the owner and staff for 5-months to transform a Cambodian convenience store. This wasn't just challenging, it was a culture jaunt.


This deep dive revealed inefficiencies and missed opportunities across the board, But beneath the chaos, I saw potential and it helped to better explain while training them.

Leveraging a multifaceted framework encompassing assortment planning, pricing strategy, space optimization, and staff training, we identified key areas for improvement.

  • Merchandise: Inaccurate stock levels, inconsistent cycle counts, and lack of planograms led to lost profits and poor customer experience.

  • Asset: Inefficient storage, unlabeled assets, and wasted space hampered operational efficiency.

  • Customer: Absence of targeted promotions, competitor analysis, and understanding of customer behavior limited sales growth.

  • Human: Lack of discipline, improper work practices, and inadequate training resulted in demotivation and subpar performance.


1. Data Collection and Analysis: Comprehensive inventory audit, customer surveys, competitor analysis, and staff performance evaluations provided insights into the store's challenges and opportunities.

2. Implementation of Framework:

  • Inventory Management: Introduced cycle count procedures, optimized stock levels, and brought real-time insights to track inventory.

  • Assortment Optimization: Adjusted product offerings based on demand, price adjustments, and space allocation through store planograms.

  • Asset Management: Standardized asset labeling, addressed maintenance issues, and reorganized storage for efficient space utilization.

  • Customer Focus: Walk 2 blocks around the store to identify potential customers and tailor product offerings and promotions. Developed targeted promotions, analyzed competitor strategies.

3. Training and Empowerment

  • Workforce Development: Developed SOPs and time schedules to improve workflows and reduce waste.

  • Training Programs: SOPs weren't documents, they were blueprints. Provided hands-on training on cycle counts, product knowledge, customer service, and operational procedures.

  • Motivation Strategies: Introduced performance incentives and recognition programs to foster engagement and ownership.

Project Deliverables:

  • Improved Inventory Management: Optimized stock levels and location, reducing shrinkage and boosting product availability.

  • Effective Pricing and Promotions: Increased profit margins and attracted new customers with data-driven strategies.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Improved store layout, product variety, and staff knowledge led to higher customer satisfaction.

  • Empowered Team: A motivated and skilled staff took ownership of their roles, driving operational excellence.

While this project did not provide numerical results due to the short timeframe and language barriers, the qualitative impacts were undeniable. The store witnessed a significant turnaround in profitability, customer engagement, and overall morale.


This wasn't just a business case study, it was a cultural exchange. I navigated language barriers, empowered a team, and proved that coaching and mentoring can transform chaos into Cambodian cash.

This is one case study where I pride myself on using my communication skills to pull them out of their comfort zone, data analysis, coaching, and retail expertise, helping them transform a small convenience store from difficulty, even in 5 whirlwind months.

Looking for a coach and mentor to empower your retail team? My data-driven approach and coaching expertise can empower your team and optimize operations. Contact me to discuss your specific challenges and explore how we can collaborate to achieve your goals.